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Vital Supplies is located in San Rafael California since 1992. 
Our concept and goals are developing, and seeking unique, diverse, personal care and safety products with an emphasis on quality, comfort and convenience. Our customers include some of the largest food and drugs retailers in the US including CVS and Walgreens, Independent Ace Hardware, True Value Hardware, and lumber retailers.

​In 2012 we launched Vital Supplies SOUNDOUT e a r p l u g s "A Life-Line to PROTECTING YOUR HEARING HEALTH!"

It was most important for us to produce a product that provides the highest noise reduction rating available to align with our concept of quality, comfort and convenience.

SOUNDOUT e a r p l u g s has a 33 decibel noise reduction rating. Its unique foam provides a universal fit for complete comfort as it slowly expands, and softly contours in the ear canal. Men, women, and children from all over the world have professed the comfort of our ear plug, while enjoying the convenience of our packaging.

As a manufacturer we will be adding to our product line-up by continuing our focus on personal care, comfort and safety. We look forward to bringing new innovative products to you on our website.   

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