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SOUNDOUT Earplugs 42 Pair Bottle with Pocket Case

SKU: 0003
  • SOUNDOUT earplugs in a shatterproof bottle 42 disposable pair with case.
    This weather-resistant Shatterproof Bottle with sanitary pressure sealed cap keeps the product free from dust, dirt and maintains the integrity of the SOUNDOUT memory foam. Provides easy storage for refilling included Carry Case, A size most popular for industrial industry, but equally a perfect size  for individuals, groups, family. This vibrant, unique soft foam and contoured shape earplugs provides low-pressure comfort with a high density NRR (noise reduction rating) of 33 Decibel. ENT Doctor Recommended. Filters unnecessary distractions such as traffic, snoring, machinery, music and loud events. SOUNDOut ear plugs are a Universal Fit.

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