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EASY ZIP POUCH 10 Pair with Pocket Case

EASY ZIP POUCH 10 Pair with Pocket Case

SKU: 0001
  • SOUNDOut earplugs Easy Zip Pouch 10 disposable pair with carry case are available to our customer in a clear, convenient re-sealable weather resistant zip pouch, which is dust and dirt free, maintaining the integrity of the SOUNDOut memory foam.

    SOUNDOut Easy Zip Pouch is a perfect size to carry in a purse, brief case, work desk, pocket, jacket, or just customize to fit your particular purpose. 

    This vibrant, unique soft foam and contoured shape earplugs provides low-pressure comfort with a high density NRR (noise reduction rating) of 33 Decibel. ENT Doctor Recommended.
    Filters unnecessary distractions such as traffic, snoring, machinery, music and loud events, with a Universal Fit.

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